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Over the past decade we have created a safe platform for women from around the world to Empower and Inspire each other to Live Happy Healthy Lives! We look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming events. #gaiasessence

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Video series highlighting women and their life stories on conquering challenges and evolving into strong, powerful women they are destined to be. 

Director’s Welcome 

Farrah shares her reason and passion behind why she started her newest project. The series highlights women and and their life journey.

Jonna Morales-Thompson

In Episode 2 Jonna tells her story of becoming a Clinical Nutritionist after reinventing her life purpose as a Computer Scientist.

Paulina Lopez

In Episode 3 Paulina, an immigrant from the Dominican Republic finds her passion after a toxic divorce and custody battle.

Rachel Handler

In Episode 3 Rachel, a young actress who survives a tragic accident and became an activist for people with disabilities. 

Soh Young Lee-Segredo

Episode 4 Soh Young shares her story of a life threatening incident in NY. She embarks on a global journey of spreading love and peace.

TroyLynne Perrault-Stahl

In Episode 5 TroyLynne, a New Orleans native shares her battle with cancer and how  she found her strength to live her truth.

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Our Tribe celebrates all women from around the world. Inspiring the next generation of GIRLS to become powerful WOMEN. Join us as we rise together as daughters, sisters, mothers, wives and partners.




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