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Gaia’s Essence is a lifestyle company which focuses on the empowerment and development of women. We facilitate them in achieving their dreams and life goals while celebrating their achievements. We produce events and networks for building sustainable communities. Welcome to our Tribe!

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Our Conference is going Virtual!

In 2009 we launched our first Women’s Wellness Conference. 15 years later we become the leading women’s conference in New York. Creating a safe space for women to inspire and empower each other to living a happier healthier life. In 2021 we hosted our first Virtual Conference due to the pandemic.

This year we are expanding our virtual to reach even more women around the world. We look forward to reconnecting with women from the US, Canada, Caribbean and the UK. Join us as we Inspire, Educate and Empower each other on Health, Work/Life Balance and Personal & Business Development

Stay connected with us as we continue building our Women’s Network.

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“I have attended and have been a part of Gaia Essence Women’s Wellness  Conference over the years. It presents wellness experts as speakers and quality companies and products to celebrate women. Farrah has worked and with good management has grown tremendously. “

Soh Young Lee Segredo / Multicultural Council of NY
The conference has, over the years that I’ve attended, been filled with insights and information about the best that wellness can be. It is always a day of joy and empowerment. You leave the day having learned so much, made great contacts and usually with a fistful of great products. I look forward to it every year and I’m sure you will too!
Jennifer Ennis / Long Island Females To Unite Professionally)

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New Series: Our Voice | Our Stories

Our Founder; Farrah La Ronde-Hutchison, expresses her passion behind creating the new video series. Her mission was to highlight the lives of amazing women. Those of us that are able to conquer our challenges and evolve into the warriors we are destined to be. She expresses her gratitude to the women who were a part of the project and how they are able to now help others to heal by sharing their stories. As a tribe we share our voice telling our own stories!

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Magazine Cover Reveal

Gaia’s Essence magazine is the voice of todays woman. A platform where we can be free to share our stories and issues which impact us. Our Voice. Our Stories.

In this issue we feature our upcoming film; Women of Dominica.The documentary features a group of ten women from the island of Dominica who’ve inspired the next generation of musicians, fashion designers, cultural ambassadors, scientists, and educators. As we journey through the film, we understand how they gain their strength from their interconnectivity and the island herself.

The film highlights their lives as they evolve and become powerful, dynamic women on the island. The project is dedicated to the director’s mother who received a Golden Drum Award. The most distinguished cultural recognition for Promotion and Preservation of Traditional Creole Cultural Wear. It was also very important to connect her daughter who is Dominican American to her rich Caribbean heritage.

The magazine release coincided with our 13th annual conference and were were honored to highlight our 2022 Keynote Speaker Ally Stone from the Inspired Leader.



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