Women’s Conference

We celebrated our 13th annual conference this year

At Gaia’s Essence we’ve created a safe space for all women for over a decade. This year we celebrated our 13th annual conference. Inviting women from across the globe to join in the celebration, conversation and sisterhood. The theme; “Be Relentless”, centering around the important it is to find our strength within ourselves to be able to thrive through adversity in our lives.

Listen as our Keynote speaker Ally Stone from @The Inspired Leader so beautifully expresses her own journey as she was able to thrive from her own adversity utilizing the tools necessary reminding herself of remaining in gratitude. Our Founder @Gaiatarian introduces the PDD Method: The Passion, Dedication & Discipline required in achieving and succeeding in all aspects of our our lives.

Our Power speakers included @Maria Gavriel @CLOTILDA DEMAURO Sherry D Fields @Gail Grossman & Ghylian Bell from @Urban Yoga Foundation For full conference VIP video access learn more about joining the Gaia’s Essence Network. https://gaiasessence.com/network/. SAVE THE DATE: Next Year’s Women Conference | 9/23/23

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