When someone you love dies, it can feel like a big rock is weighing on your heart. 
You might cry, feel tired, sad, angry, or have other emotions.  The feelings we have when someone we love has died are called “grief.”

Sometimes, you might feel like you are carrying this grief rock in your arms. It makes it hard to do even simple tasks.

You can reach out to someone who understands to help carry your grief rock.

One day, you might find your grief rock sits quietly near you…
and then, suddenly, it can be weighing on your heart all over again.

Every day is a little different.

You can gather with friends and family who also care about this special someone who has died.
Together, you can share memories about them. You might say a prayer sing a song, or simply sit quietly together.

You can draw pictures and write stories or poems about them.
 You can frame a photograph of them. You can create a beautiful garden. Whatever you choose to do, it is your way of honoring the love you and this special someone shared.

When you share your grief rock with others, it can be a way of healing.

Although your grief rock will always be with you, somehow, as time passes, you will find a place for it that can bring comfort to yourself and others.

After all, you would not have a grief rock if you hadn’t loved this special someone.

And love never dies.

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