Orange Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Sauce is a Thanksgiving and holiday favorite in almost every American household. I had a surpluss of oranges and decided to experimnet with my cranberry sauce this year. It was the easiest to make and only took about 15 minutes. The sweetness of the orange juice paired perfectly with the tart flavor of the cranberries. These small red fruits are high in polyphenols ( antioxidants), vitamin c, and maintaining a healthy digestive tract. Enjoy with your favorite meal or on crackers.


1 – 12 oz bag of organic cranberries

1/2 cup of fresh organge juice

1/2 cup of organic sugar


  1. Add the cranberries, orange juice and sugar to a medioum saucepan on a medium fire. Mix with a wooden spoon and allow to come to a boil, then change to a low fire.
  2. Mix continuously until all the liquid has evaporated and the sauce is thick.
  3. Take off the fire and allow to cool for 30 minutes then jar.

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