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What makes us different?

Gaia’s Essence Conference was founded over 14 years ago in New York. The inspirational event originated out of the passion of our founder to inspire women in living healthier happier lives. 

Our tribe takes a different approach to wellness. We understand that being well is not an achievement of a to do list but instead is a state of mind. Everyone is unique and has infinite paths to achieving personal wellness. The GEWWC vision is to provide simple and exciting ways for everyone to find their own path to wellness.

Join us at our 15th Annual Virtual Conference Saturday September 23th 2023! Learn more about this year’s event details here.


Interested in participating?

GEWWC takes a different approach to wellness. We understand that being well is not an achievement of a to do list but instead is a state of mind. The GEWWC vision is to provide simple and exciting ways for everyone to find their own path to wellness. We welcome you to the Gaia’s Essence family.

Who Should Attend:

We welcome women globally from all disciplines to attend the conference virtually. 

  • Corporate & Professional Women
  • Naturopathic & Medical Doctors
  • Yoga Instructors & Health Coaches
  • Students & Interns in the Health Field

The Screening Process:

  • All speakers and exhibitors are reviewed and approved by our board & scientists.
  • Products with ingredients classified by the FDA as carcinogenic will be denied.
  • Once approved you will proceed to the next stage of registration and given the application form.

Keynote Speaker: Ally Stone

The Inspired Leader: Ally Stone

Ally has been a leader in the hospitality industry for over 15 years. During that time, she has been an integral part of developing 15 successful businesses and teams. Ally has mastered a deep understanding of what it means to be truly connected as a leader and how that drives the success of any business.

Through “The Inspired Leader”, she shares these insights with organizations and leaders alike. Together they dive deep into what it means to go beyond, to lead from a place of presence and connection.

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2022 Speakers

Sherry D. Fields

Natural Radiant Life

Clotilda DeMauro


Maria Gavriel

Business & Life Strategist

Ghylian Bell

The Urban Yoga Foundation

Gail Grossman

Yoga Educator

Deon Hall-Garriques

Deon’s Wellness Wagon

Angelica Babino

Fitness Instructor

Soh Young Lee-Segredo

Opera Singer

Past Speakers

Speaking to the Audience

The speakers who have been selected to participate at the conference have been reviewed and approved by our board of professionals and scientists. We take the responsibility seriously to build partnerships which advance our mission. Sharing education on new age information and technology of the health industry. All products and services which are showcased enhance overall health. We welcome speakers who understand the importance of nourishing our bodies and minds and complement that vision with their companies.

View past speakers

dynamic Speakers over the years

I had the opportunity to speak at the Gaia’s Essence Women’s Wellness Conference this past September. The group of women that gathered for this event was amazing. They were friendly, curious and very engaged in the presentation. The organizers were extremely supportive and accommodating. 

Jill Cruz / Facebook

 This event was my first speaking engagement to discuss the importance of emotional literacy in our children. Almost a week has passed, since then, and I’m still “high” from the overwhelming experience! The conference gave me the chance to connect with many like-minded professionals and has afforded me with countless opportunities! I feel empowered and I’m riding the momentum to stay focused and motivated. Attending the event recharged my batteries and ignited a spark within! 

Roseann Raspanti / Blossom Kids


In Person Connections

Exhibitors who participate at the conference have a unique opportunity to connect directly with the guests. During the event the guests who are interested in your products or services will have the opportunity to personalize their interactions. As we transition to be more virtual platform we provide the resources and technology to be able to connect and build potential authentic leads during the event.

We understand the powerful tools that social media platforms provide and provide a seamless connection during breakout sessions and focused networking to build seamless partnerships. Effectively maximizing your time and resources used to acquire new clients and customers.


Building Powerful Partnerships

Over the past decade we have built dynamic partnerships with environmentally sound and socially conscientious companies. These companies understand the importance of the role they play in positively impacting the lives of their employees and the communities they live in.

With the support and partnerships of these companies we have been able to continue growing and expanding the conference for over a decade. Working with brands like Whole Foods, Vitamix, GoGo Squeeze and Marriott we have been able to  showcase companies that make a difference through their healthy products or innovative services.


Women of Honor

Honoring Women who are Game Changers

In 2013 we created the Women of Honor Awards. To celebrate women in our communities who have made a difference by Empowering and Inspiring others through Science, Technology, Business, Humanitarianism, Education, Health, Performing Arts, and Community Service. 

Nominate a woman in your life who continues to make an impact of the lives of others. To submit you nominee please click here to fill with their details. Thank You for recognizing a woman making a difference in the world We look forward to learning more about another phenomenal woman making a difference in the world! 

past Honorees

So Young Lee-Segredo

Community Service Honoree 2013

Amy Zaslansky

Youth Empowerment 2016




Humanitarian 2019

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GEWWC has been in existence for over a decade. View the event through the eyes of the amazing women.