series featuring women who Rock Life!

Beast Mamas connects women from around the world who are just phenomenal at what they do. Unapologetically rocking their own lives! They are critical thinkers, innovators and cultural ambassadors. Listen as we chat about what really drives them.


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Welcome to the Beast Mamas Podcast. A place where we empower each other to be our authentic selves and have the courage to find our voice in any room. We celebrate all women who are just phenomenal at what they do. We are daughters, sisters, aunts, wives, partners, and mothers.

Listen in each week as we connect with women from around the world who are unapologetically rocking life! They are critical thinkers, innovators, and cultural ambassadors. Listen as we chat about what drives them to thrive through life. Hosted by Farrah La Ronde-Hutchison; scientist, mother, and chef. Become a part of the Beast Mamas community as we celebrate being” Beast Mamas” together.


The Beast Mamas podcast is for informational purposes only. Guests being interviewed share their own personal views and professional knowledge. The information shared is not intended to treat, diagnose or substitute professional or medical advice. Please seek medical advice from your medical practitioner. All views expressed by our guests throughout the podcast are their views and do not necessarily represent the views of Gaia’s Essence.