About the Documentary

The Women of Dominica documentary is centered around powerful Dominican women and how their lives shaped the evolution of the island over generations.  Journey to this tropical Caribbean island as we are introduced to a group of amazing women sharing their life stories. Thriving through adversities on this naturally raw terrain on the island. The strength of these women comes from their connection to each other and the island itself.

The project is dedicated to the director’s mother who received a Golden Drum Award. The most distinguished cultural recognition for Promotion and Preservation of Traditional Creole Cultural Wear. It was also very important to connect her daughter who is half Dominican to her Caribbean heritage, understand the rich diverse heritage of her ancestors. 

the women of the documentary

Jeanelle Brisbane

Conservation Ecologist

Leandra Lander


Marie Jose Edwards

Environmental Consultant

Marvlyn La Ronde

Artist / Designer

Michele Henderson


Ophelia Marie


Pearl Christian

Music Educator / Cultural Officer

Shannon St. Hillaire

Millennial Advocate

Tasha Peltier


Whitney Greenaway


Book Series Artist

Illustrator and Artist of our Book Series

Jenae Bell is a Dominican 19 year old self-taught artist. She focuses her skills in the wonderful world of graphics, as a digital artist. Her interest in nature fuels the inspiration of most of her pieces. She’s known most for her work in coloring books, but can also design logos, draw portraits and illustrations. She hopes to enlighten and inspire others through her art. Follow Jenae’s on Instagram @bell.artt”. Jenae will be the illustrator of our upcoming book series, ” Women of Dominica.