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Evolve into the New You! 

An interactive retreat centered around the 8 Pillars of Health; Physical, Nutritional, Creative, and Social. 

Every year brings about a rebirth. A new perspective on life! We all look to the beginning of the year to set the tone and create our intentions. 

  • Seminars are conducted by each speaker for 5 minutes. 
  • Break – Out Sessions conducted by each speaker.
  • Networking opportunity to connect and meet everyone one on one.

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join us for an experience of a lifetime

Caribbean Eco-Adventure 

Our annual retreat will be hosted on the island of Dominica, in the Eastern Caribbean. A place where nature, biodiversity and culture come together. Dominica, known as the the “Nature Isle of the Caribbean” and one of the last unspoiled Caribbean Islands.

The retreat will be held at Jungle Bay, a nature-inspired luxury escape. The resort  brims with pure cliffside beauty, connecting each guest to the soul of Dominica. An ideal spot for those who want to commune with nature and discover themselves, our Caribbean nature resort offers a dynamic collection of adventure, spa pampering, wellness, Yoga, gourmet cuisine, local culture, and history. 

As the New Year begins, create your intensions while reconnecting with mother nature in the tranquility of tropical forests forests nurturing your spiritual growth .

Take Time to Reconnect & Reflect

Achieving balance is a vital aspect of our lives

Join us on a 5 Night | 6 Day Retreat as we create and nurture our intensions for the New Year. Begin your spiritual journey surrounded by the tropical rain forests, nestled in the mountains of the island of Dominica, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. We welcome you to our community, understanding the Power of our Intensions.

Join us next year on the Nature Isle of the Caribbean, Dominica. Save The Date: 3/4/2024 – 3/9/2024. Contact us TODAY to pre-register!

We’re looking forward to meeting you on the island!

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Women of Dominica Feature Film Premiere

The Women of Dominica documentary features a group of ten women from the island of Dominica who’ve inspired the next generation of musicians, fashion designers, cultural ambassadors, scientists and educators. As we journey through the film, we understand how they gain their strength from their interconnectivity and the island herself.

As an attendee of the 2023 New Year New You Retreat you will have VIP access to the official Premiere of the film on the island. A once in a lifetime opportunity to view the first for the first time and connect with the women from the film. Each year, during the retreat the film will be screened on the island.


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