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When your backyard garden becomes your Haven

A few years ago, right before the initial stay-at-home orders, I decided to make a backyard garden. With the help of other family members, we built a beautiful garden. My little ones were excited as they got to spend hours digging in the dirt and doing what kids love, playing outside and getting dirty in […]

Let’s Talk about Air

What’s in your Air? According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air is the immediate air in our surroundings like our homes, apartment complexes, and work buildings. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures and directly to our overall health. Indoor air pollution-caused deaths – breakdown […]

New Year New You Summit

Every year brings about a rebirth. A New Perspective to life! As we settle into 2022 let’s talk about the 8 Pillars of our Health. This year we are expanding our event production and would like to introduce our newest event; The New Year New You Summit. The event focuses on the “8 Pillars of Health”. We […]


As we approach the year end, it is a good time to examine, redefine or re-set your personal vision of success. Or as my teenage grandson says to me, “How’s it going, Gran?” December brings a myriad of deep, personal emotions that resonate far beyond the holiday season. Some of these feelings are related to […]