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Self-Love & Healthy Choices

Self-love consists of small acts which build up to the biggest blessings. As we scurry around in a fast-paced environment, we often do not find time to ask questions, research, or learn about the dangers in our everyday products and lives. Native people who work with plants will tell you that it’s unhealthy and unwise […]

The Disconnection from Body & Self

Most of us have experienced trauma in one way or another. We all respond to trauma in different ways. One result of trauma is anxiety. We might feel overwhelmed when someone or something reminds us of a traumatic experience, or we focus too long on negative thoughts. Anxiety is a sign that we have become […]

Plant Relatives

In pre-American times Indigenous people in the pre-California area had strong ties and relationships with the land and plant relatives. People saw energy force in plants, such as a flower opening to the sunrise and closing in the evening. Back in those days, there was no separation between people and Nature. People were a part […]

The Broadened use of California White Sage 

We see California White Sage kits at health and new age stores and websites claiming to cleanse negative energy. Many sellers also state that they harvest naturally. But what does that mean for California Native People who have used this plant for cultural purposes for time immemorial? When it comes time for Natives to gather […]