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I recently attended a tango festival over Labor Day Weekend in my hometown of Austin, Texas, organized by my dear friends. Because it was Austin, the event was unique – by that, I mean funky and full of colors and styles. After attending tango festivals for over 20 years, this one was perfect, and I […]

Beast Mamas: The Reset

In this episode, I sit down with Dr. Shana D. Lewis. 2021 Keynote Speaker from Gaia’s Essence Women’s Wellness Conference. Mother, wife, Tedx Speaker, Executive Wellness Coach, Author, and Clinical Director of Living Well Professional Counseling Services, specializing in treating women and adolescent girls. Join us as we talk about the Reset: shutting down before […]

Beast Mamas: Mother Daughter Bond

Stefanie Hults is a mother on a mission to create tasty gluten-free snacks after learning about her daughter’s and entire family’s gluten sensitivity. She partnered with her youngest daughter Chelsea and together created the brand Tosi. An organic, vegan health bar made from nuts and seeds. In this episode, I sit down with the mother-daughter […]

Flax Egg

Vegan Flax Egg Flax egg is an ideal substitute for plant-based eaters when baking. It is versatile, adds moisture, nutritition, and binds mixtures together. Flaxseeds are very hard and I suggest using ground flaxseeds as the whole seeds are not ideal for absorption. This recipe makes equivalent to one egg, so you need to adjust […]

Fluffy Vegan Rolls

These fluffy bread rolls are an ideal addition to any meal. A quick and easy recipe, suitable for a novice or experienced baker. Enjoy as a side dish, a base for sandwiches and burgers, or a family favorite during the holidays. 5 1/2 cups of flour ( plus 1/2 cup )1 cup of tepid water1 […]

Chanelling Grief

Join me and my friend Timothy Burchette, RN, in a conversation where we discuss one way to channel grief: through movement. Over the year, especially during the holiday season, grief can appear in ways and waves. That headache and those tense shoulders could be your body’s way of storing unresolved emotions and energy. We must […]

Gaia’s Essence Magazine Release

Our magazine has been created as a space for women worldwide to unite and collectively join forces to share knowledge toward better health and wellness. We are harnessing the power of women and providing leadership on global matters that impact all women. To view all our articles in previous issues, please click the magazine tab […]