Self-Love & Healthy Choices

Self-love consists of small acts which build up to the biggest blessings. As we scurry around in a fast-paced environment, we often do not find time to ask questions, research, or learn about the dangers in our everyday products and lives. Native people who work with plants will tell you that it’s unhealthy and unwise to collect edible foods off the side of the road. California is the biggest grower of produce in the United States. Most of their groves and farms are along the highways and freeways. Some farmers also allow pumpjacks and oil wells in the same areas where the produce is grown.

Food dyes made of petroleum, including yellow 5 and 6, blue 1 and 2, and red 3 and 40, are recognized by the Food and Drug Administration as carcinogens. These are all linked to diseases of the body such as cancer. Deodorants, sunblock, and other hair and body care products carry ingredients such as Phthalates, often listed as fragrance, plasticized chemicals, Propylene glycol ( another petroleum-based substance), and Aluminum. These ingredients are all linked to health issues such as cancer, reproductive complications, and organ damage. Aluminum may contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.

Initiating community volunteer projects such as gardening and greenhouses in open lots is a healthier and more educational alternative for food sources. Switching out toxic chemicals for mineral salts and essential oils will help reduce your chances of disease. Making self-care products is a fun and efficient way to better the earth and yourself and know what you are putting on your body. If you don’t have that time, supporting small businesses promoting health and wellness is always welcomed and appreciated. Removing toxins from your lifestyle is a big way to show that you love yourself and want to see yourself become or remain healthy and healed. After all, you do deserve to be loved!

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