Beast Mamas Podcast: S2E2

Deon Hall-Garriques is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Holistic Health Coach from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition and co-author of the best-selling book, “Building Beyond the 9 to 5”. She is the founder & CEO of Deon’s Wellness Wagon, where she coaches and educates women on health and nutrition. She is an expert in women’s health, and creator of the Five-Step Hormone Rebalance Program. Deon has been featured in VoyageLA magazine and has been dubbed the

“Healthspirationist” and “Menopause mama” because of her success in helping perimenopausal and menopausal women transition naturally.

Epiosde Notes:

  • A good marriage is based on Communication, Respect & Trust. When you layer everything in, friendship is the foundation of a strong relationship.
  • Understanding the different phases women transition through life. Perimenopausal, Menopause, and Post Menopause.
  • The importance of hormonal balance during the menopausal years. What it means to be Estrogen dominant.
    Not all women require Hormonal Therapy. Lifestyle changes can help to reduce, alleviate, and minimize a lot of the symptoms of hormonal imbalances.
  • Three key components assist in a smooth hormonal transition as women age beyond 35 years.
    1. Your Diet should be your foundation. / Supplements due to soil quality.
    2. Movement – whatever it looks like for you. Our entire body needs us to move. Get up and move!
    3. Mindful of your thoughts/ Mindset / Relationships
  • Spring is time to reset and cleanse your bodies.
    Five-Step Hormone Rebalance Program
    Essential Oils

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