Creating your Third Act

How often do you think about your third act? If you are my age, 78, you might think about it often. You’re comfortable now, yet, there will be adjustments or changes in your future. You want to roll with new experiences. I review how I want the next five or 10 years to evolve. No matter the outcome, I will pursue my passions – writing, practicing yoga and dancing. My passions guarantee a fulfilling future.

 Your Third Act

 You are ready to move on with plans that have captivated your imagination. Freedom lies ahead. Creative dreams emerge. All the planning and proposed activities also stir emotions. Important events will happen as you cross the threshold. Maybe unforeseen problems will occur.

What awaits you? You might wish to take a risk, do something that seems incongruous with your first and second acts, or encounter adventures contrary to how you are accustomed to living. Following are five steps that help structure your future. 

Keep Your Passions Close 

The world is full of distractions. How do you hang on to all you cherish if your focus is constantly diverted? It takes resilience to wake up every day to pursue one of your passions with focus and joy. This discipline keeps loneliness at bay, tackles a personal need, or integrates you with your community.

 Meditate: Give Yourself Time and Space

 No good decision is made quickly. Sometimes, it feels like the decision is taking place on the spot. In truth, that decision is made over weeks, months, or years without awareness of it in real-time. Meditation, rooting yourself in the present, fosters consciousness and creates distance simultaneously. Let your thoughts go in meditation – watch them pass like clouds. Your ideas and plans will return at another time with clarity, which lends credence to your decisions.

 Be Aware of Your Personal and Financial Needs

 Take stock of your personal and financial needs annually. This helps you understand where you are in the development of your fulfilling future. Keeping your personal information updated and organizing a calendar are good habits. 

Think About Your Legacy

 A fulfilling future includes giving thought to your legacy. Every birthday, remember your accomplishments and what you look forward to achieving. It’s your future; you alone determine how it will be meaningful. First, put your will in order. Make a trust, if necessary, and organize life after death. The path going forward can be exhilarating and give you a sense of time and place that is inspirational. 

Visualize Your Life With Acceptance and Gratitude

 It is an honor to grace your life with clarity, see it in front of you, and make fulfilling commitments to the process. Visualizing the future is like extending a piece of music that will play out in beautiful tones. Creating the third act is different for everyone. However, no matter how your life turns out, you can sweeten it with acceptance and gratitude. This will bring you fulfillment and inspiration, culminating in a well-lived life. 

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