Top 5 Kitchen Must Haves for the New Year

The holidays are here, and it’s my favorite time of the year. I have many memories of cooking and making fruit cakes with my mom. For those unaware of what a traditional West Indian fruit cake is, imagine a cake made with raisins, currants, prunes, and orange peel. The fruits are steamed and soaked in red wine for about a year. Fruit cake is absolute heaven. This time of year is so special. We get to spend time with our loved ones whom we may not have seen throughout the year.

My kitchen is the busiest part of my home any day and especially during the holidays. I look forward to cooking and baking holiday treats with my children passing on traditions and building beautiful memories.

There are certain things I feel that every kitchen should have. It just makes cooking and baking so much easier and more effective. No worries if you don’t have you don’t have everything on the list, you can build over time.

  1. Marble Rolling Pin.
  2. Ceramic Pie Dish
  3. Pastry Blender
  4. Chocolate molds
  5. Myoko Vegan Butter
  6. Glass Storage containers

I promise these items will make being in your kitchen so much more fun and enjoyable.

Happy Cooking!

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