The Importance of Hatha Yoga

When I think of yoga I often visualize early mornings, chanting, and people sitting in what elementary school teachers now-a-days would call “criss-cross-apple sauce” style. As the form most westerners practice, Hatha yoga is the form of yoga that encompasses the posture and the breath.Physical postures called “asanas” and the breathing techniques which are called “pranayama” serve to unite the body and bring it into the present.

However in this day and age, many of us struggle to find time to get to a studio ( for people like me that are terrible using tapes and books for exercise)or are intimidated by the images of bendy women with awesome, colorful leggings we see being represented in yoga. It is important to understand that yes many people are really that bendy but- you don’t have to be. If you feel that Hatha is for you, first understand: it is one piece to an ancient practice and to reap the benefits should be done fairly regularly.

For some, the idea of doing postures at school or home may not be practical however when you are forming a new habit, it is essential that you make that act accessible and practical as to keep forming the new habit within reach. Accessibility not only applies to the “where” but also to the “how.” As someone who has worked with individuals with disabilities for over 10 years, I’ve learnedyou have to get creative. As to not lose the function and power of the pose, it is important to see how you can modify.Luckily,I have joined up with Karen and Debra Carter, two yoga instructors that specialize in Hatha modifications.

I gave them the task of displaying techniques modified to help those that may need to practice in an office chair or in a space at home. Head over to Wholistic Portia on YouTube to view the step-by-step walk through for ideas on how to integrate a Hatha flow into your day!

When asked why they practice, Karen stated “ Yoga allows me to connect within myself in such a way that at the end of each practice, every cell in my body seems to smile and say ‘thank you’” while Debra stated that “ Yoga keeps me grounded, gives me clarity to focus on what is really important in life.” At the end of the day, mindfulness and presence in our waking lives is the goal with this practice. I hope that in any practice you decide to take up brings you peace, presence, and patience.

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