Feminine Power

I wrote this article at a time when I personally was learning how to master harnessing my own divine energy. The energy that we utilize when nurturing and healing ourselves and the people around us. It’s the type of unconditional love and protection that our mother’s instill in us from birth. We were a year into the pandemic and I had nothing but gratitude for life. There were so many families and communities devastated as a result of the global tragedy.

The pandemic was exceedingly challenging and the virus continued to put a strain on women becoming caretakers for their families. . They weren’t only now working from home but also guiding their children’s education. A task many of us were not equipped for, had the tools or technology to succeed. We were able to however rise to the occasion and do the best we could for our children. Last year has taught us so many lessons on the importance of finding the strength within our selves to persevere through life. 


From my own personal journey and growth I utilize essential principles of behavior which empower me in being stronger. Here are my three core value elements I live by;

  • Discipline
  • Patience
  • Love

Everyone has something they value most. Have the strength within yourself to know your own worth. Creating your own system establishes a framework you can live by. Never compromise against what’s most important to you. There are just some things money or success can’t buy.


Be in control of your own mind. Stay in the moment to enjoy the many blessings of life. Remain in gratitude of what is happening at the moment and be grateful for the lessons of the past. In living in the present we are able to enjoy life with the people we love. Our mind is extremely dynamic, it has the ability to travel through time. We become depressed when reliving past events we interpret as negative or exceedingly anxious about future events that may not even come to pass. Be in-tune of your own personal needs in each moment. 


Understanding your own self-worth transcends into everything you do in life. We all have something that we are good at that just makes our heart sing. Be strong within your own mind to know you are amazing. This is what makes us all very unique.

Body Chemistry

I know this is something we are all aware of, the importance of self care and having optimum health. Without your health, life like you know it would be very different. Understanding the importance of our mental and physical health is crucial in mastering what it takes in building a healthy mind. Be aware of how you inundate yourself with social media, entertainment, news and politics and the negative impacts they may have on your emotional state. Everything we interact with, touch or ingests affects the chemical composition of our body. From the lotions we put on your skin to the detergents used our homes affects hormones and immune system. As you advance on your health journey it’s important to educate yourself on the ingredients of food, medicine and cosmetics and their potential side effects.


We all have our immediate circle of friends and family members we feel connected to. They are the ones who are there for us when we need support the most. Nurture and build your team with a collection of powerful individuals who may share different perspectives from you yet empower and inspire you! Be aware of anyone who may not uplift you but instead cast their own doubts and insecurities. 

I’m so grateful for the tribe of amazing women who surround me everyday. I look forward for us all evolving on our journey together. Give yourself permission to Dream. Take the time to just Be, without any distractions. Live with Passion, Live in Love

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