GEWWC 2021 Review


Our 12th Annual Conference was a great success!!! What an AMAZING DAY celebrating women. We are absolutely grateful to all our Sponsors, Tosi SnacksINBEONBebe Federmann Designs for supporting us especilly as we’re transitioning to a new virtual platform. We all left the conference #empowered & #inspired in ” Harnessing our Feminine Power”. The Keynote address from Dr. Shana Lewis was 🔥. She delivered a powerful address on the importance of the Reset and shared essencial principles on the importance of shutting down.-Strive for Harmony & Integration in your life.-The Power of the Mind ( Shutting Down Negative Thinking )-Fill up your cup so you can serve from your Overflow. #Saucerlife We welcomed women from the US, UK, Caribbean for the first time in over a decade. We continue on our mission on changing the world one woman at a time.To our 2021 Team! You guys rocked the stage and what an honor to have each of you share your wisdom & knowledge with the audience. The attendees on the chat were very active and loved being able to ask questions and participate at the conference. Soh Young Lee-SegredoOrlandina Balan Ifbb ProMaria GavrielSherry D Fields Dona Dovie Coralanne Griffith-Hunte Zazel O’Garra Paulina Lopez Jessa Calderon Linda J. Williams and our Founder Farrah La Ronde-Hutchison