Beast Mamas Podcast: S2E3

Oshun Hunter is a Board Holistic Health Practitioner and Menstrual Cycle Coach who specializes in helping women take control of their hormones and menstrual health. Some people call me the “Womb Priestess”. I believe that every woman has within her the power to naturally reclaim her health, authentic beauty and wellness. My goal isn’t just about teaching you how your feminine body works; it’s also offering insight on the immense power that the phases of your menstrual cycle mean for your emotional, physical and mental well being!

Episode Notes:

  • The link between iron and heavy menstrual cycles.
  • Understanding the importance of finding the connection to one’s culture and heritage however that may look like for you.
  • The importance of finding the tribe that supports and empowers you.
  • Your menstrual cycle is a reflection of your overall health. Women experience hormonal, emotional, and spiritual shifts that occur during this time. Our hormones are responding to what’s happening in our lives and environment.
  • Understanding the dynamics of the pre-menstrual phase.
  • The menstrual cycle is the feedback of our hormonal state.
  • The effects on modern life impact women in understanding the power of their wombs.
  • Survival mode vs thriving through all aspects of life.
  • The womb governs our emotions of joy, sensuality, and creativity.
  • Understanding the feminine cycle & Menorrhagia
  • What is Iron Deficiency Anemia ( IDA)
  • The importance of requesting a full thyroid panel when experiencing thyroid issues.
  • Top picks of herbs that support womb health; shepherd’s purse, red raspberry leaf, ginger, turmeric
  • Understanding how birth control pills work, and their effects on your natural hormonal symphony and emotional state. Many women have been prescribed birth control pills due to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome ( PCOS ).
  • Different feminine products are available on the market for your specific lifestyles.
  • Motherhood and how epigenetics affect our mothering.
  • Self Love- Living a life that is authentic to you.

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