2021 Theme: harness your feminine power

Our Theme this year: Harnessing Your Feminine Power explores the importance of learning to harness your own divine energy. Our Keynote and Premiere speakers address the key principles and tools necessary in finding your strength in persevering and thriving through life. Register on HOPIN.


Farrah La Ronde-Hutchison & Paulina Lopez

Join us for our 12th Annual conference. The event will be hosted virtually Saturday September 25th 9am -1pm PST / 12pm-4pm EST. The conference will be hosted by our Founder; Farrah La Ronde-Hutchison and co hosted Paulina Lopez from the Business of WE. Join us as we welcome women from around the world. At GEWWC our mission is to Inspire, Educate and Empower each other on Health. Our speakers address issues affecting all women in Health, Worklife Balance and Personal & Business Development.

Meet our Keynote Speaker

Dr. Shana is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a National Certified Counselor. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and a Ph.D. in Counselor Education. She is the founder of SDL Enterprises, home of The Your Extraordinary Life Academy and the PowHER Wellness Blueprint Program in addition to owning Living Well Professional Counseling Services, PLLC, a private practice counseling agency in Bellaire, TX where she specializes in treating women. With over 20 years of experience working with women in the mental health field. Dr. Shana decided to take her clinical knowledge, coupled with her personal experience and wellness training to help high achieving professional women stop seeking balance in life and instead create harmony/integration through understanding the 12 dimensions of wellness. 

She believes that wellness is an inside job as a woman can not lead anyone else anywhere until she has first led herself through healthy self care and prioritization of her life. Dr. Shana has been featured on several media outlets including CBS, NBC, Fox, and CW. She believes that when a woman has properly cared for herself, she is aligned, and she has done her work she is then able to function from a place of abundance–a space she affectionately calls #Saucerlife!

Her mission in life is to help as many women as possible gain access to this saucerlife through wellness and alignment work. She has touched so many over the years and desires to touch thousands more through workshops, live/virtual events, speaking engagements and her books! 

For more information visit www.drshanadlewis.com 

PowHER Wellness Blueprint

A coaching, training and consulting firm that supports the wellness needs of high achieving professional women in leadership. Her core mission is to help high achieving professional women who are stressed out and overwhelmed due to lack of self-care to fill her cup first so that she can serve from her overflow.

Dr. Shana understands all too well the weight that the professional woman carries to care for others well before herself and at times at the cost of her own wellbeing. As a result, Dr. Shana has created the brand new PowHER Wellness Blueprint program, the firms signature program, in which women are guided through the exploration and implementation of the 12 dimensions of wellness ultimately creating a wellness blueprint for their lives. 

A core tenant of this program includes women being encouraged to pour into themselves without guilt or apology. A life filled with purpose, understanding of self, an increased awareness and practice of self-care and wellness, and the unmitigated desire to fill one’s cup so that you can serve from overflow are natural outcomes of the work done by women who work with Dr. Shana.

“Sis, fill your cup so that you can serve from your overflow!”

Keynote Address

The RESET: Shut Down to Power Up

So many women are rushing around in life, caring for their families, building businesses, solving the problems of others, and completely ignoring themselves in the process. She is feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and totally unable to find any resemblance of balance in her life.

Things actually feel pretty out of control. It is time for us to understand that in order for us to harness our feminine power (the divine parts of us where our full potential really lies), we each need to take time to RESET. This means we need to slow down to power back up. We must begin focusing on ourselves first. We must reprioritize our lives so that we make it onto our own calendars.

The importance of engaging in intentional self care will be highlighted as a primary component of the RESET.  During the keynote you will be provided tangible steps and tools to create this RESET so that she can power back up and walk into her full feminine power and wellness without guilt or apology. Her true potential for greatness will be her gift.

Interested in participating?

GEWWC takes a different approach to wellness. We understand that being well is not an achievement of a to do list but instead is a state of mind. The GEWWC vision is to provide simple and exciting ways for everyone to find their own path to wellness. We welcome you to the Gaia’s Essence family.

Who Should Attend:

We welcome women globally from all disciplines to attend the conference virtually. 

  • Corporate & Professional Women
  • Naturopathic & Medical Doctors
  • Yoga Instructors & Health Coaches
  • Students & Interns in the Health Field

The Screening Process:

  • All speakers and exhibitors are reviewed and approved by our board & scientists.
  • Products with ingredients classified by the FDA as carcinogenic will be denied.
  • Once approved you will proceed to the next stage of registration and given the application form.


Dr. Shana D. Lewis

Executive Wellness Coach

Farrah La Ronde-Hutchison

Founder / Environmental Scientist

Sherry D. Fields

Natural Radiant Life ( COO)

Maria Gavriel

Business Coach


Human, Industrial and Trauma Psychologist

Linda Willians

Author, Certified Etiquette Consultant , Certified Book Coach

Angela Lowe

Vegan Chef

Orlandina Balan

Wholistic Lifestyle Coach

Paulina Lopez

CEO Business of WE

Dona Dovie

Dance Facilitator & Yoga Instructor

Soh Young Lee-Segredo

Educator / Story Teller


Virtual Interactive Booths

Our conference virtual booths include multiple interactive areas that are optimized for connecting and engaging. Connect with the attendees through one on one interactions or small group demonstrations. Personalize your booth with customized branding and videos from your company. Need to step away from your booth? Set your custom video to be featured while you are gone. Receive automatic notifications and leads from all guests who visit your booth in your absence and who are interested in your products or services. Network immediately with them and continue the conversation all from your computer.

Booth Review Request


Jessa Calderon

Jessa is a Tongva and Chumash songwriter, poet, author, hip hop artist, performer, hypnotherapist, massage therapist, energy worker and also offers guided meditations. Jessa encourages our community and youth to find their healing mentally, physically and spiritually through her words, music and practices. Jessa has worked with community and youth from many Nations, helping them find themselves while helping them to feel good about themselves.

Zazel Chavah O’Garra

Zazel-Chavah O’Garra is the founder and Artistic Director of ZCO/DANCEPROJECT,a physically integrated dance company whose goal is to create performances that are witty, soulful, intelligent, powerful and intriguing. ZCODP seeks to encourage the integration and inclusion of people with disabilities in dance and in society, to present new, exciting, challenging, and inspiring contemporary dance performances to the widest possible audience.


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