gaiatarian philosophy

The Gaiatarian Philosophy was influenced by my background in Environmental Science. It was apparent to me when developing Gaia’s Essence what the integral connection between life, our natural environment and non living elements and how they affect our existence. The philosophy is a holistic understanding of our connection to each other and the effects of our surrounding on our mental and physical state. My vision is to educate globally on the the philosophy.


Farrah was born on the Nature Isle of the Caribbean, Dominica. Known for its biodiversity, culture and large centenarian population. Dominica instilled in her a respect for nature, the environment and the power of healthy living and it was quite apparent why she became an Environmental Scientist. After much success in her industry, Farrah found a growing need for community based health education and founded Gaia’s Essence.

She lives in California with her husband of over 15 years their son and daughter.