The The conference over the past 10 years.

For more than a decade we have been providing an amazing experience for women to find their own path to wellness. 

GEWWC 2020

Ignite Your Passion

GEWWC 2019

Evolve Boldly

GEWWC 2018

Live Your Purpose

GEWWC 2017

Embrace Your Story

GEWWC 2016

Empowered Women Empowered Families

GEWWC 2015

Your Perception Your Reality.

GEWWC 2014

Moving Forward Together

GEWWC 2013

Choose Your Path

GEWWC 2012

Your Mind Your Body

GEWWC 2011

Lifestyles of Wellness

GEWWC 2010

Making Lifelong Connections

GEWWC 2009

Humble Beginnings at our 1st Conference.