In 2007 after much success in her industry, our founder saw a growing need of wellness education and a lack of high quality, nutritious foods comparable to the ones she enjoyed in her childhood. This was her inspiration to create the Gaia’s Essence. Her love for cooking and teas were the inspiration behind the creation of our product lines of loose leaf teas and a salt and sugar free spices.

The following year Farrah was inspired by the network of women in Gaia’s Essence to build a platform where women could connect by empowering each other in living healthier happier lives, the Gaia’s Essence Women’s Wellness Conference (GEWWC) was born. 10 years GEWWC has grown to become the largest women’s conference on Long Island, NY. A platform where women feel safe to share and inspire each other. This year the conference is celebrating its 10th anniversary. A decade of empowering women in the community in embracing their stories and living their purpose. The Being conference continues to illustrate the power of women gathering together in love and respect.

As Gaia’s Essence grew and expanded it created the space for a new part of the movement. The Gaia’s Essence Women’s Wellness Network (GEWWN). An avenue to empower entrepreneurs through education to become leaders in their industry. Providing the environment where they can connect, support and inspire each other to be successful providing access to the tools and necessary skills for success. As the network continues to grow and expand the Gaia’s Essence Women’s Wellness Magazine (GEWWM) has become the voice of the network. Showcasing and sharing our stories, lessons and journeys of success. Entrepreneurship . Empowerment . Education. 

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Our Founder coming from an Environmental Science discipline understood Mother Gaia and her natural principles. The Gaia Hypothesis simply states that all systems living and non living are all connected. Gaia’s Essence means  ” Essence of Mother Earth”. We understand the importance of creating a company rooted in values of environmental sustainability for the preservation of ” Mother Gaia” for ourselves and future generations.

Our Mission is to create a company that promotes Natural and Organic Living. 

  • We create quality products that promote a healthy lifestyle and support a sustainable environment.
  • We respect and share natural knowledge from cultures around the world while providing platforms to teach the community on health. 
  • We build a network of individuals and company’s that respect and understand the complexity of “Mother Gaia”. 

Our community outreach program works closely with individuals groups and organizations in underserved communities nationwide and internationnaly. Over the past 10 years we have connected the community with the professional experts through organizing health seminars, fitness demonstrations and tea parties. We work with kids, young adults, adults and the elderly in creating a fun environment for living a healthy lifestyle. Contact us to learn more about our customer programs which are tailored to fit your organization and specific needs.


Farrah La Ronde-Hutchison

Farrah La Ronde-Hutchison was born and raised on the Nature Isle of the Caribbean, Dominica. Known for its culture, biodiversity and large centenarian population, Dominica instilled in Farrah a respect for nature, the environment and the power of healthy living. Farrah completed her degree in Environmental Science with specializations in Biology and Chemistry. After much success in her industry, Farrah found a growing need of wellness education and a lack of high quality, nutritional foods comparable to the ones she enjoyed in her early childhood. This was her inspiration to create Gaia’s Essence.

Over the decade of building Gaia’s Essence she has been featured in the Long Island Natural Awakening Magazine, interviewed on Verizon Fios, a featured speaker at Dowling College, Guest speaker at local health and wellness events in the trip-state, Keynote speaker at the BeauTea Soiree health event in NY. In 2018 Farrah was included in the top mompreneurs on Long Island by Newsday. Featuring female business owners balancing their role as a mom with her life as an entrepreneur catering to other moms.

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