GEWWC Celebrates 12 Years

GEWWC Continues to Expand

This year Gaia’s Essence has reached a milestone of our 12 anniversary. Celebrating  women, sisterhood, friendship and health. Looking back over a decade ago. The event started as an idea from our founder, Farrah La Ronde-Hutchison. She wanted to create a safe space for all women to be able to inspire and empower each other to live happier, healthier lives. For over a decade the conference has become a leader in the community and we look forward to connecting with our partners and guests.

Every year we create a theme for the year which sets the tone for the seminars and speakers who will be featured at the event. Last year our theme “Evolve Boldly” reminded us of our own transformation and the importance of being present and patient throughout our process. This year our theme “Ignite Your Passion” celebrates us fueling our dreams.

We look forward to another successful conference. If you are interested in participating at the event please contact us at

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