Why PARTICIPATE at the conference


Participating at GEWWC is a great opportunity to expand your network to a direct target audience. We partner with Small Business Owners, Corporate Professionals, Entrepreneurs, CEOs.

• Access potential clients interested in innovative health & wellness products.

• Build and Expand new Business Partnerships & Generate Direct Sales.

• Connect with Like Minded Women.

If your company is interested in participating please email us at exhibitor@gewwc.comNote: Submission of an application does not confirm approval. All applications have to be reviewed and approved by the board. 

exhibitor screening


At GEWWC, every application received is thoroughly reviewed by our team and board of doctors, nutritionists, engineers & scientists. We understand our responsibility to bring awareness to both consumers and companies the environmental, social and economic impacts of their products. That is why we review and approve all speakers and exhibitors who participate at the conference.

rejected product ingredients

Understanding the Cosmetic Industry

On average women use 12 different cosmetic products per day with a diverse collection of toxic synthetic compounds. Even if each contain less than the recommended “safe” amount, the combination overrides it. Over time they bioaccumulate in our bodies and this is one of the reasons why women are developing diseases at an exponential rate. Most of these compounds are banned in many other countries including Canada, Australia and the U.K.

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