All About Chives

I absolutely love cooking with chives. Growing up my mom would always pick it fresh from the garden or get some from Saturday market. She would use it in almost every meal. I remember her using a motor and pestle and pounding the entire plant. The aromas would fill the entire room and the flavors would just explode in her dishes. perennial plant and found throughout the world. Some of their closest relatives are our common onions, shallots, scallions and leeks. The entire herb can be used in your dishes.

Chives are very easy to grow. Select the best bundle at your local supermarket. Place in a jar of cool water and place on the windowsill. Allow the plant to form small roots, then plant in a a partial shady area in your garden or windowsill. Water daily lightly and within weeks you will be able to enjoy fresh chives in your favorite recipes.

When you are ready to use the chives simply cut the green stems at the base where it meets the white part of the plant. The stems are hollow in the middle and have a mild garlic like flavor. Wash the shoots and chop to your desired size. The chopped herbs can be frozen for up to a few months. You can add the frozen herbs directly to your dish being cooked. The flavor is just as pungent from freshly chopped chives and frozen ones.

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