Gaia’s Essence is a wellness lifestyle company that provides quality products for natural & organic living. We specialize in unique selections of Loose Leaf Teas & Salt Free Seasonings Blends created for their health benefits as well as their spectacular flavors. Our goal is to provide the  education and motivation needed for people to reach their optimum overall wellbeing. Gaia’s Essence is a dedicated to inspiring everyone to live happier healthier lives.

About the Founder

Farrah La Ronde-Hutchison was born and raised on the Nature Isle of the Caribbean, Dominica. Known for its culture, biodiversity and large centenarian population, Dominica instilled in Farrah a respect for nature, the environment and the power of healthy living. Farrah completed her degree in Environmental Science with specializations in Biology and Chemistry.

After much success in her industry, Farrah found a growing need of wellness education and a lack of high  quality, nutritional foods comparable to the ones she enjoyed in her early childhood. This was her inspiration to create Gaia’s Essence.

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